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Simplifying the use of PKI digital trust services

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How does Ascertia’s Client Integrations help enhance its products and services?

Ascertia’s Client Integrations help support digital transformation and digital trust initiatives by integrating with existing business applications. Integration is achieved through high level application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs).

Our client integrations allow you to use Ascertia’s digital trust products and services to meet your requirements, including integrating with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and HR and Contract applications. We even offer APIs and SDKs to create custom integrations for your business.

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ADSS Client SDK ensures effortless integration between business applications and Ascertia’s full ADSS product suite.


  • Complete developer’s toolkit – Including all the required libraries and tools necessary for third party integration
  • Simple licencing – ADSS Client SDK is provided with each ADSS Server licence purchased
  • Save development time and testing – Feature rich and standards compliant, ADSS Client SDK streamlines development

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Virtual CSP

Ascertia’s Virtual CSP is a lightweight plug-in for Microsoft Windows, allowing easy remote signing from your desktop.


  • Instantly sign documents – No need to upload to a hosted service, easily sign documents directly from your desktop
  • Remote certificate management – Virtual CSP hooks into MS Windows’ CNG layer, requesting remote signatures for the user
  • Fully secure signing – Ascertia’s Virtual CSP supports password and two-factor authentication using the Go>Sign Mobile App

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Ascertia’s Go>Sign allows you to effortlessly authorise and approve document and transaction signing while on the go.


  • Simplicity – Intuitive and easy to use, Go>Sign enables authorisation quickly and remotely
  • Secure – Ascertia’s Go>Sign features touch ID or device PIN unlocking for the secure enclave with AES 256-bit encryption over TLS/SSL
  • Efficiency – Go>Sign streamlines document workflow approval and works with any server-side signing process

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Ascertia client applications and SDK’s enable governments, global enterprise businesses, and trust service providers to easily integrate Ascertia product into existing solutions, Ascertia aims to simplify the adoption of its products and reduce time to market for its customers and partners.

Mike Hathaway

Chief Product Officer


Easily integrating Ascertia products with your CRM

Ascertia works hard to make sure you don’t have to. Our client integrations ensure your business can request signatures and sign documents easily from your desktop.

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