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Automation and digitisation to streamline complex workflows

Why do HR and consultancy sectors choose Ascertia?

Human resources (HR) departments are the unsung heroes of organisations. They recruit talent at critical business growth milestones while managing people, including contractors and subcontracts, benefits and confidential personal data. It’s a paper-heavy department with complex workflows and multiple stakeholders.

Ensuring HR business processes are secure and efficient is a significant business goal – specifically for larger organisations. Ascertia’s digital signature solutions ensure documents such as employment contracts, performance appraisals and disciplinary notices are processed smoothly while ensuring complete confidentiality and supporting compliance.

When making a digital transformation, it’s essential for solutions to provide more than a cloud-based infrastructure. Ascertia fosters business growth through:

  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Improved compliance
  • Security and privacy
  • Integration with existing business applications and infrastructures
  • Visibility for all stakeholders in a document approval workflow

Ascertia’s interoperability with other vendors, technologies and applications ensure smooth digital transformations, support sustainability initiatives and promote cost savings by reducing paper use and time to approval.

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Secure eSignature solutions

Ascertia’s SigningHub makes it easy to sign anywhere, anytime from any device. Easily assign multiple signers and the process automatically moves to the next person in the approval chain with each signature.

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Business integrations

Ascertia’s products are designed to work with your existing business applications, including human resources management systems (HRMS), customer relationship management (CRM) software, document management systems (DMS), Microsoft Office applications and many more.

The results we’ve seen since we partnered with Ascertia are nothing less than quite amazing, because what we did together from 2014 up until (2019) was actually release an infrastructure for digital identities on the Swedish market and have it certified by the Swedish Government Now, given the sizes of our companies and what we’ve delivered to the market, I think that’s quite amazing.

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