Logistics and procurement

Automation and digitisation to streamline complex workflows

Why does the logistics and procurement sectors choose Ascertia?

Logistics and procurement sectors face several document workflow challenges. From complex, paper-heavy approval chains and visibility concerns to risk of fraud and the need to comply with regulatory requirements, improving these processes is critical to achieving optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

As an industry-leader, Ascertia helps these sectors achieve digitisation initiatives through:

  • Streamlining approval processes
  • Implementing centralised collaboration
  • Supporting secure and legally compliant eSignatures and document protocols
  • Integrating with existing business applications
  • Introducing customised document approval workflows with notifications and reminders

By leveraging Ascertia’s secure digital signature solutions, the logistics and procurement sectors overcome document workflow challenges, leading to increased efficiency, cost reductions and improved compliance in business-critical processes.

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Secure eSignature solutions

Ascertia’s SigningHub makes it easy to sign anywhere, anytime from any device. Easily assign multiple signers and the process automatically moves to the next person in the approval chain with each signature.

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Business integrations

Ascertia’s products are designed to work with your existing business applications, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, document management systems (DMS), procurement software, Microsoft Office products and more.

As in any industry, in aviation corporate functions such as procurement, HR, finance and sales require solutions such as digital signatures to be more cost efficient, faster, and to be more collaborative. When considering engineering aircraft maintenance or aircraft operations, all these points apply yet we have further challenges making sure that compliance, data management and security is more rigid.

Fatih Murat

Head of Digital Trust Solutions



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