Ensuring digital security and facilitating compliance

Why does the insurance industry choose Ascertia?

Digitalisation is the future for all industries, and that includes insurance. It is common knowledge that the insurance industry is document-heavy with complex document approval workflows.

Digital transformations in this industry require products that increase efficiency and streamline document approval processes while providing industry-leading digital security. Ascertia’s products focus on achieving these goals while:

  • Adhering to data privacy laws
  • Complying with industry-specific laws and regulations
  • Reducing inaccuracies
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Improving document security
  • Ensuring audit trails and document control

Ascertia’s eSignature solutions provide unrivalled authenticity, integrity and traceability – integral to the insurance industry.

Insurance Diagram
Bulk Document Getting Signed

Bulk signing

In a document heavy industry, the ability to bulk signing thousands of documents at the touch of a button is priceless. Ascertia’s ADSS Auto File Processor improves efficiency and streamlines document approval workflows through pre-defined profiles.

Document-Getting Signed with Cloud Keys

Remote signing

Today’s customers want to be able to sign anywhere, anytime. Ascertia’s cloud signature solution provides insurance firms access to Advanced and Qualified eSignatures without the need for locally installed digital signatures.

Ascertia’s proven technology, whether cloud-based or on-premise, and enterprise-class document e-signing enables our customers to easily upload, send, review and securely e-sign documents from any device, anywhere. It’s great to work with a global company with an extensive network of partners supporting a broad customer base. Ascertia’s understanding of legal aspects in different countries and regulations has been invaluable.

Pasi Hautamäki

Senior Business Developer



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