Public Key Infrastructure – PKI

Establishing Trust in a digital world

Why is PKI vital for modern‑day business?

In today’s digital world, trust is essential. We shop, bank, update our status on social media and use online products and services. It isn’t just individuals. Governments and businesses are striving to implement electronic processes to increase efficiency and sustainability. With this in mind, it’s important to understand who you can trust when conducting business and transactions online.

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a trust infrastructure that issues and manages digital, cryptographically secure credentials to people, devices and things. It underpins electronic transactions, providing authenticity, integrity and protection of digital information. Additionally, digital certificates issued by Certification Authorities (CAs) as part of a PKI offer businesses the highest level of security credentials.

Key benefits

Increased security

PKI uses advanced encryption to protect data in transit and at rest. It helps prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information, such as transactions, financial data, customer records, and intellectual property.

Enhanced digital trust

Public key infrastructure helps build trust between businesses and their customers, partners and suppliers. This is because PKI allows business to verify the identity of other parties, helping ensure transactions are legitimate and secure.

Improved compliance

By providing a secure way to store and transmit sensitive data, PKI helps businesses comply with industry regulations, such as those governing financial services, healthcare and government contracting.

When you think of Ascertia technology which we mainly utilise around the digital signature capabilities, Ascertia provides both on-premise and SAAS platforms in order to build that link of collaboration that we require. Our strategic technology also provides opportunity for all signature assurance levels, compliant with eIDAS, yet also allow integration to private PKI’s … is a key use case for us to have Airbus corporate PKI to be integrated into the solution. Further features such as remote signing, as well as smart card signatures and multifactor authentications are options that meet our needs through Ascertia.

Fatih Murat

Regional CIO



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